Friday, July 25, 2008

what's next after social networking flood

I always wonder what's the next big shift in terms of how general people interact in the web. By general people i mean millions of users pouring and pounding just for fun, as now what's happening with all the social networking sites such as Facebook, Hi5, MySpace and many more. Couple of years back it was a real big shift in the idea of internet use for the users who just want to have fun and be connected to people when these social networking site started emerging. Now it's now more or less a part of every teen or young people.
Facebook came up with the application platform to allow users or say developers to develop application which in a way was an innovative move to be on top of the race among social networking giants. Though I don't really use these sites as such but i like to play with it sometimes and i enjoy it,but i always think what's next ?? similar to social networking sites or may be different than these or similar but not the same which again will provide a new dimension to users and lure millions of users to use it and which has a potential to make few more billionaire who can come up with this new internet buzz. I wonder if anyone can come up with something that let these millions of users do something productive or say collaborative with fun and cohesiveness with other users intact as an integral part rather than just sharing photos and writing on the wall.... but i am very sure one day some geek will come up with one or the other innovative inception to amaze me and other millions of internet users and me feel crap why the hell i did not think of that.... just have to wait and see.

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